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All Hallows Eve #1: The Wild Man

Over on the RPGSite, Tom, aka Blusponge asked for All Hallows Eve themed posts. So I thought I would comply. Sadly, I can't use some of the witchy, spooky, and creepy stuff because the players haven't encountered that stuff yet and I'd rather surprise them. But they have gone on a couple of werewolf hunts so I'll include the "monsters" from those hunts.

The first encounter was they had was with a fake werewolf. Perrin Tournay is a normal, though crazy, man who went mad with loss and grief and turned feral in his madness. This was presented to the PCs as possibly being an actual werewolf. I used a picture from !3th Warrior for the Wild Man / Werewolf

Wild Man / Le Loup Garou
Perrin Tournay                      SR 0
Might 2               Daring 2
Brawl 2               Melee 2               Ranged 0            Defense 2
Peasant 1             Woodsman 3
Lifeblood 14        Advantage 3        Fortune 3
Boons: Born Athlete, Fearsome Looks, Hard-to-Kill, Keen Hearing, Keen Scent, Master Tracker, Sneaky
Flaws: Absent Minded, Hunted, Illiterate, Thinks he’s an animal (like Primitive but more so), Unsettling,
Maneuvers: Bladework, Disarm, Bind, Parry, Riposte
Bearskin: 1d3 (Buff Coat)
Club: 1d6+1 Dmg;
Claw: 1d3+2 Dmg; (Bear claws over fists)
Bite: 1d2+1 Dmg;
Maneuvers: Bash+4, Brawling+4, Choke+4, Moulinet+3; Footwork (Bonus Die+2), Shove/Trip+4; Dodge; Parry+2

The Wild Man / Loup Garou

Background: Perrin Tournay was always a silent, moody lad and he withdrew even further when his father was killed in a farming accident. After his mother's death, Tournay's grief and brooding were slowly driving him mad, and he retreated to the hidden cave where he now leads an animalistic existence. He catches small game with snares or his bare hands and eats them raw. When game is scarce, he sneaks around the village outskirts to steal food. His first victims were killed when they caught Tournay pilfering. This spree of violence completed his descent into madness; he truly believes he is wild beast.
Tournay is a filthy, starvation-thin being with long, matted hair and expressionless, staring eyes. He is usually naked but wears a rude cloak of half-cured rabbit and squirrel pelts when it is rainy or cold. He is an expert woodman (Woodsman 3) and is thoroughly familiar with the forest surrounding the village. His usual tactic is to carefully stalk his victim, getting as close as possible, and then rushing forward for a savage attack with club, hands, and teeth. He's quite clever in staging these hit-and-run attacks. Tournay will rarely attack in the open, using terrain and vegetation to screen himself so the PCs can't get a clear look or shot at him. Once he's drawn out of the cave, he'll attempt to lead the characters through a virtual minefield of his snares, returning to slay those he's injured or trapped. He'll also try to trick them into plunging off cliffs, tumbling down ravines or entering gorges where he can roll boulders on top of them. Although he's an unusually swift and vicious combatant, Tournay is not invulnerable and can be killed like any ordinary man. (The characters don't know this; the GM should allow them to make whatever superstitious preparations they desire, none of which will do them any good.) He won't stand and fight in the face of overwhelming or uneven odds, preferring to go underground until pursuit cools off. Then he'll creep out of his hiding place and begin stalking the characters again.
One thing the PCs have in their favor is Tournay's limited attention span. He can concentrate on a single person or problem with diabolical patience but has difficulty handling two threats at once.
Author: Gaston’s Hat               NPC in: L'Honneur et les Intrigues

Tomorrow morning I'll post the Adventure I ran featuring Perrin Tournay: The Werewolf of Blackwood.

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