Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Honoring the Dead: Masked Assassin NPCs

Masked Assassins (Retainer Level 4)

These are possible aides or assistants for Martin Pedrosa “the Left Hand of God.” Dressed in black clothing and hooded cloaks, they armed with a Balestrin (1-H crossbow), (5) poison arrows, one silk line and grapple, a pair of throwing daggers, a stiletto, and a swordbreaker. They may be Spanish, Italian, or even French in Nationality.

Might 0 Daring 1 Savvy 2 Flair 1
Brawl 0 Melee 1 Ranged 2 Defense 1
Thief 1 Assassin 2 Courtier, Diplomat, or Servant 1
Lifeblood 10 Composure 2 Advantage 2 Fortune 1 Retainer 4
Languages: Spanish (F), French (F), Italian (F)
Boon: Sneaky; Flaw: Active Duty
    Stiletto: 1d3 Dmg; ignores 2 Protection, +1 with Called Shots
    Swordbreaker: 1d3 Dmg + poison †, +1 Bind, 1d6+1 Damage with Sword Break
    Balestrin (Hand Crossbow): 1d3 Dmg + poison †, 20’ Range, 1 MA to load (5 bolts)
    Crossbow: 1d6+1 Dam; 80’ range, Reload: 2 MA to load, +1 Called Shots
Maneuvers: Bladework+2, Lunge+2, Swordbreak; Bind+1[2], Footwork+3, Parry+3, Ranged Attack+4. Aimed Shot (+Bonus Die to attack. 10’ to range), Called Shot

† Poison: The Burning

This poison is applied to the 5 bolts and to the stiletto or throwing knives that are usually carried by the Masked Assassins.

Type of Poison: The Burning was created by the infamous assassin known as The Left Hand of God; he is an Apothecary and Poisoner. The poison is based on a type of venom and certain herbal ingredients. The poison counts as an Uncommon potion for creation as does the Antidote (once one is discovered).

Duration: 1d3x1d3 (minimum 2 rounds).

  1. Venom: Each round, the target must make a Tricky (‑1) Might check or lose 1 Lifeblood. Once a victim has successfully resisted damage or the duration ends, the damage loss effect ends.
  2. Burning Pain: intense pain weakens and distracts the victim. The target must make a Hard (-2) Might check or take a Penalty Die on all rolls due to distraction from pain. Every 5 rounds they may re-attempt to resist the poison (without the Penalty Die). Effect lasts (beyond the duration) until it has been successfully resisted by a Might check.
  3. For each missed attack or parry, some of the poison is rubbed off, add +1 to Might roll to resist, once bonus is > +2 all poison is gone.
[The description of the poison is repeated as a separate post.]

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