Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Duchies of France

Noble families are a strong and pervasive political and military presence in Medieval and Early Modern societies. For swashbuckling adventure, nobles are part of the setting. Frequently the heroes are lower ranking members of the noble class or the gentry. Their patrons and their opponents are often high ranking nobles or royalty and even when the heroes aren't engaged directly with the higher levels of society, the royals and peers of the realm will appear as part of the backdrop and color of the setting. So in my campaign I've used a lot of nobles, some fictional and many who are real.

The highest nobility in France are the King (SR 20), Queen (SR 19), Queen Mother (SR 19), and the Princes and Princesses of the Blood (SR 17). Currently there is no dauphin (SR 18). In addition to these there are the Peers (SR 15) and Dukes (SR 14) of the realm.

Here are some links I've found useful in locating real nobles in Europe, especially in France.

    Using the information, mostly from Wikipedia, I created several lists.

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