Thursday, October 6, 2016

D6xD6 Coach Chase Event Table

Here's a little table I created for an upcoming session.

D6xD6   Coach Chase Events

Road Conditions

11  Straight, level, and very wide.

12  Road goes up or down hill.

13  Open Forest.

14  Ford: roll ride or drive to avoid deep water or fall.

15  Curve ahead: riding or drive roll.

16  Narrow road.

Road Conditions

21  Straight and level: shortcut through fields on either side.

22  Steep slope or cliff: roll drive or ride:

·   SUCCESS=Wheel on road edge

·   FAILURE=Wheel Over Edge, check for damage to wheel

·   CALAMITOUS FAILURE=Coach tipping on cliff edge.

·   OPPORTUNITY= daring leap from upper to lower roadway.

23  Dense Forest: hazard from low hanging branches or side branches.

24  Ford: roll ride or drive to avoid deep water or fall.

25  Tight curves: riding or drive roll.

26  Road filled with bumps and potholes roll ride or drive:

·   SUCCESS=Momentarily and excitingly jarred or airborne

·   FAILURE=Damage to vehicle or chance of fall

·   CALAMITOUS FAILURE=damage to coach, horse, driver, or rider.

Fork in the Road

31  Fork in road, side road runs parallels and then merges back with original road, chance to pass.

32  Fork in road side road dead ends after distance of ½ mile or 2 movement rolls.

33  Fork in road, other road to village and Château le Lude, (Pierre de la Rable Siegneur du Lude).

34  Fork in road, other road to village and Château de Cormes, home of the family Briçonnet.

35  Road work ahead 1-3 very narrow, 4-6: shunted onto side road.

36  Road work ahead 1-3 large bump in road, 4-6 workers in road:

·   SUCCESS=Momentarily and excitingly airborne/avoid workers

·   FAILURE=Damage or chance of fall/workers must dive to safety

·   CALAMITOUS FAILURE=damage to coach, horse, rider, or workers.

Obstacle Ahead

41  Innocent bystander 1-2: man, 3-4: woman, 5-6: child.

42  Stalled/broken coach, wagon, or cart; roll drive or ride to avoid.

43  Cart or wagon; 50% chance contents released (“accidentally”) strewing melons and cabbages.

44  Tree limb across road; drive or ride roll to avoid:

·   SUCCESS=Avoid or jump tree limb

·   FAILURE=Damage to coach or rider falls off horse

·   CALAMITOUS FAILURE=Coach tips over/horse breaks leg.

45  Flock of chickens in road; drive or ride roll

·   SUCCESS=Chickens flap aside

·   FAILURE=Spattered with sticky feathers

·   CALAMITOUS FAILURE=Covered with sticky feathers and 1d2 damage from foul in the face.

46  Flock of sheep or cattle block road; drive or ride roll to avoid

·   SUCCESS=Pace slowed, but collision avoided

·   FAILURE=Hit one sheep or cow



51  Officials arresting someone.

52  Wedding party on road.

53  Funeral procession on road.

54  Village market; 1d3+1 rolls to avoid people & stalls.

55  Hamlet setting up of festival tables as #4 above.

56  Hamlet celebrating religious festival!


61  Ladder and/or Scaffolding constricts road.

62  Falling clothesline with all its clothes lands on Hero/Villain.

63  Stack of barrels by side of road; 50% chance they roll into road.

64  Oncoming coach blocks road roll ride or drive:

·   SUCCESS=Avoid coach

·   FAILURE=Coach runs off road or rider falls off horse

·   CALAMITOUS FAILURE=Head on collision!

65  Wagon caravan completely blocks road.

66  Soldiers marching/drilling across the road and in a nearby field.

Originally I had a D20 table, but I took a look at the Opportunities and Consequences Google Doc file created by Martin Coulter’s file for 7th Sea 2nd edition. If you are interested take a look at Tom's blog article over at a Brace of pistols for a link to the file.

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