Sunday, December 27, 2015

Requiem for a Cardinal's Guard - Duval Delsarte

Recently the supernatural claimed another member of the Cardinal's Guards. Duval Delsarte (the balding Guard in the center), was struck down by a creation of witchcraft. One of the five animated Scarecrows created by a Witch. The Scarecrows look like these creatures (from Dr Who) but with  glowing eyes. (I'll post stats for the Scarecrows sometime after the PCs finish dealing with the Witch.)
Which, fortunately for the players, did make the Scarecrows a little easier to see on a dark night in the woods. Delsarte was holding a bulls-eye lantern while Guy de Bourges lighted the makeshift torch he had created. He coolly stood his ground until the torch was alight. But alas, the Scarecrow smashed the Guard aside like a rag doll. Guy avenged the fallen guard by lighting the Scarecrow on fire. Through various means the players prevailed without further casualties, though the Witch escaped in the dark. They learned that grenades were very effective; fire was effective, clubs were somewhat effective, and rapiers and pistols were not very effective. Gaston, after repeatedly lunging to impale a Scarecrow through the chest said, "Grenades. And a bigger sword...or maybe an axe."

Here are the stats for Duval Delsarte (SR 6)

Location: Paris, Cardinal Richelieu's Red Guards
Personality: Likes a challenge.
Motivation: Maintain his sang froid.

Daring 2   Melee 1    Defense 1   Duelist 0
Lifeblood 4               Elite Pawn 4
   Rapier: 1d6 Damage; +1 Parry
   Dagger: 1d3+1 Damage; Range 5’; +1 Called Shot
   Wheellock Pistol: 1d6+1 Damage; Range 10’; Reload: 3MA; Misfire: 2
   Matchlock Musket: 2d6 Damage; Range 50’; Reload: 5MA; Misfire: 2-4
Maneuvers: Bladework+3, Brawling+2, Lunge+3; Dodge, Parry+1; Ranged Attack+0

Equipment: Rapier, (2) Wheellock Horse Pistols, Matchlock Musket, Tabard of the Cardinal's Guards {silver: 3 pistol balls, 2 musket balls }.

Repose en paix, Duval.


  1. I wanna see the stats on your scarecrows!

  2. The players are gearing up for what may be a final confrontation with the Witch and her Scarecrow minions. If they succeed in thwarting her I'll post the stats not too long afterwards.