Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NPC Grid

Yesterday I discussed the Hôtel de Bellegarde and the floor plans (from the Hôtel Lambert) that I used for an adventure set at the Duke's Ball. Using the Hôtel Lambert and associated floor plans gave a central focus for the adventure. The players could see the map and decide where they wanted their characters to go. But I waned a second method way for the players to focus or visualize the scene. 

For this I wanted a way to visually display the important and available NPCs in attendance. To do that I created a player handout. I create a lot of these. Often as a way of having players at a remote location view an NPC picture, but also as a document that the players can save and refer back to.

This handout would include two things. 
  1. A grid listing the key NPCs in attendance along with a thumbnail picture. 
  2. A labeled floor plan for the ground floor and garden. This map covered the major public areas of courtyard, salons, ballroom, and garden.
An NPC grid is something I've used a lot. It gives the players a handy way to view pictures of multiple NPCs. Usually the grids are arranged for a particular Adventure or series of sessions of a longer adventure.

 And last is a notated map of the Hôtel de Bellegarde.

Here is a version of the MS-Word player handout.

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